Built by father & son duo Parkinson & Parkinson architects, The Title Insurance and Trust Company opened their headquarters at 433 S. Spring on June 14, 1928. 


The 12-story building features over 3,500 tons of steel with Art Deco Moderne style with marble, bronze, and wood. The Title Insurance and Trust Building was built in a way that maximized the use of natural light while minimizing heat and the need for air conditioning and was designated a Historic Cultural Landmark (#772) in 2003.

The Title Insurance and Trust Building was known as the "Queen of Spring Street" when Spring Street was known as the Wall Street of the West and was truly the place to be for businesses up until the mid-'60s. By the late 1970s, most firms were leaving Spring Street in the historic core to set up shop on Bunker Hill, or in the suburbs.


After a number of ownership changes throughout the 70s, the building was turned into the Design Center of Los Angeles in the early 80s after architect-developer Ragnar C. Qvale acquired the building. The building temporarily housed the Central Library after their structure suffered fire damage in 1986. 

In 2012, an investment group acquired the building and planned to build 250 condos but the plan never panned out due to inefficient floor plates and the resurgence of creative office space in historic buildings. 


After acquiring the building in 2015, Rising Realty Partners and Lionstone Investments have rebranded the building to The Trust Building. The historic landmark will feature 300,000 SF of open floor offices, ground-floor retail, and a rooftop restaurant.